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See you at the Nordic Polymer Days 2017 in Stockholm!

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Michel Palu
9 June 2017
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The 54th Nordic Polymer Days will take place on June 19-21 at the department of Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stochkolm.  

Postnova and Norlab will be sponsoring the conference and participating in the exhibition, which will be open throughout the meeting. Michel Palu (Norlab, distributor of Postnova in the Nordic countries) will be attenting the NPD. Michel will be pleased to discuss with you about the Postnova SEC/FFF Platform, the ultimate tool for the separation, characterization and fractionation of polymers and nanostructures.

Postnova SEC/FFF Platform for polymers and nanostructures separation, characterization and fractionation

  • Well-established Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC/FFF) for polymers under a million daltons
  • Flow FFF for separation under native conditions with no upper size limit
  • Thermal FFF module for high resolution separation of polymers
  • Centrifugal FFF module for high resolution separation of nanostructures
  • Static and Dynamic Light Scattering detection for molecular weight and size
  • Viscometer for structural information
  • Collection of narrow fractions for further characterization