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We have the pleasure to invite you to join our webinar on the topic of:

Enabling Advances in Dissolution Testing Technologies

In-situ UV Fiber Optic System for Dissolution Testing

The webinar will be conducted by Ishai Nir, Small Molecule Products Manager, Distek, Inc. 

Webinar type: live private webinar
Date: on demand
The presentation portion of the webinar will last about 45 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of questions and answers.
The webinar is free of charge.

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New important trends in dissolution testing requirements are driving advances in testing instrumentation. With Predictive Dissolution being key for Real Time Release Testing (RTRT) as part of Continuous Manufacturing, and with the introduction of more novel and extended release dosage forms comes increased interest in measuring complete dissolution profiles for modelling and formulation development. This webinar will examine the application of in-situ fiber optic UV as the ideal technique for generating these profiles with hundreds of data points and as little time as seconds between readings. Additionally, a global push for environmental responsibility across the entire laboratory is leading to a focus on the energy consumption and environmental footprint of equipment. A discussion of the implementation of “bathless” technology for dissolution will review the associated reduction of energy, water and antifungal chemicals required.

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