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Top ten reasons for using ZirChrom zirconia-based HPLC columns
The primary advantage of zirconia over either silica or polymeric stationary phases is its extreme chemical and thermal stability. Unlike silica, zirconia is completely stable over the entire pH range and at elevated column temperatures as high as 195 degrees celcius. Unlike polymeric phases, zirconia does not shrink or swell as a function of mobile phase organic content or ionic strength, and it has very high mechanical strength. This extreme stability results in a column that may be cleaned under harsh conditions (acidic or basic), and also results in a much longer column lifetime. Long column life and stability translates to a reduced cost per analysis and a wider range of possible chromatographic conditions.


ZirChrom HPLC column product catalog 2016-2017
This catalog intoduces ZirChrom's extensive range of HPLC column products.

Zirconia publication abstracts sorted by subject and chronologically
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17 December 2017
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Zirconia publication abstracts sorted chronologically
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17 December 2017
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ZirChrom Separations manufactures a full line of zirconia-based HPLC columns
Founded in 1995 and located in Anoka, Minnesota, USA, ZirChrom manufactures a full line of ultra-durable, chemically stable over the entire pH range from 1-14, and thermally stable HPLC columns. Due to the toughness of zirconia, ZirChrom has adopted the rhinoceros as its company symbol.