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Analox GM9 fast plasma glucose analyser
The Analox GM9 analyser is an ultra-fast stand alone system for glucose analysis in plasma and other fluids. The system offerss exceptional precision and accuracy.

Analox AM1 fast alcohol analyser
The Analox AM1 analyser is used for research applications and offers researchers into alcoholism a very fast method of obtaining results with small animal models. In addition the small sample size (5ul) enables real-time results to be obtained during experiments.

Analox LM5 fast lactate analyser
The Analox LM5 measures lactate in both clinical research and industrial, commercial and biotechnology applications.

Analox GL5 fast multi-assay analyser
The Analox GL5 is one single, compact instrument, offering excellent reproducibility and speed, used in research applications for a range of direct enzymatic-rate chemistries.

Analox GL6 fast multi-assay analyser
The Analox GL6 analyser is used in industrial, commercial and biotechnology analyses for the rapid and precise analysis of multiple analytes of industrial and biotechnological importance. The analyser can be specified to include five of the following single point calibration assays according to your areas of interest: ethanol, glucose, glycerol, lactate, methanol, sucrose or lactose.