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Evaluation of a new analytical approach for the TOC analysis of brines

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Application note
Teledyne Tekmar
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19 July 2017
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Total organic carbon (TOC) analysis grew from the necessity of industry to monitor the organic loading of its process waters before discharge into public waterways. Many industrial samples from coastal areas contain large amounts of particulates and brine, which if excluded by filtration, removes a significant amount of carbon from the analysis. TOC analysis of these matrices presents a challenge due to the heterogeneity of the sample and chloride loading leading to bad reproducibility and accuracy as well as clogging lines and valves in contact with the sample. High temperature combustion TOC analyzers provide the most analytically efficient and economical way to measure organic carbon in salty waters.

The focus of this presentation will be to cover the analytical dependability of a new approach for this sample matrix, the maintenance issues and limitations involved with this difficult application.