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Torion PerkinElmer

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28 September 2015
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Collect data... Not samples!

Torion PerkinElmer is a chemical measurement instrumentation company founded in 2001 to develop, manufacture, and market the world’s smallest and most advanced chemical separation and detection systems. Torion’s staff works closely with researchers at Brigham Young University (Salt Lake City, Utah) and the company–university team has made several breakthrough advancements that have enabled the creation of chemical detectors of unprecedented performance and reliability. Presently, Torion's primary focus is the development of truly hand-portable, miniaturized GC-MS devices for field detection of chemical threats, toxicants, contaminants and pollutants. Torion is not only the leader in field portable GC-MS, but also in field portable sampling solutions as well as calibration and identification support tools. Torion's sampling and analytical solutions make it possible to collect data directly at sample's location and save time and money. Torion has a large portable GC-MS instrument base in industry, academia, research institutions and government agencies all around the world, including:

  • Environmental monitoring center (China) qty 3
  • Ministry of Environment (China) qty 7
  • Japan Nuclear Regulatory and Environment Monitoring (Japan)
  • Ministry of Environment (Thailand)
  • NIST (US)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (US)
  • US Pharmacopeial (US)
  • USDA (US) qty 2
  • Massachusetts Department of Fire Services (DFS)
  • Department of National Defense, Canada
  • Pentagon Force Protection Agency
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (UK)
  • US Army R,D&E Command
  • US Department of Energy
  • Federal Guard Service (Russia)
  • Forensic Police (Indonesia)
  • University of Helsinki and numerous other universities