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Postnova Dynamic Light Scattering detector DL3000 Zetasizer S173

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1 October 2015
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This high sensitivity online Dynamic Light Scattering detector is specially  customized for use connected to Field-Flow Fractionation (AF2000, CF2000 and TF2000). Possibility to perform online DLS measurement to obtain Particle Size (Rh), Molecular Weight (Mw) and corresponding distributions of dispersed particles and molecules separated by Flow, Centrifugal and Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation. The system will automatically identify eluted FFF peaks and provide size and molecular without any calibration. Using the Zetasizer S173 there is no need to rely on size or molecular weight calibration standards for FFF anymore.

The instrument can also be used in offline mode using standard cuvette cells as a stand alone detector for batch DLS measurements to obtain particle size (Rh), molecular weight (Mw) and zeta potential.