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CAMAG TLC Visualizer

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27 October 2015
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The CAMAG TLC Visualizer documentation system captures images of TLC/HPTLC plates. Controlled by visionCATS, the TLC Visualizer can generate low-noise, high-dynamic-range images (HDRI) and supports a comprehensive set of image enhancement tools. Sophisticated algorithms ensure best image quality for identification of even the weakest zones. The system provides illumination with white light (remission, transmission or a combination of both), UV 254 nm and UV 366 nm.

Key features

  • UV tubes 254 nm
  • UV tubes 366 nm
  • White light tubes (remission, transmission or a combination of both)
  • Complete exclusion of ambient light
  • Automatic shut off for all UV illuminations protects the user from UV radiation
  • Powerful high-resolution camera
  • High frequency light sources ensure best light efficiency