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Sentron ConeFET pH probe

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29 December 2015
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Robust general purpose ISFET pH probe

Sentron offers a comprehensive line of high quality meters and probes for glass-free pH measurement.  The SI meter and probe line is created around Sentron’s proprietary ISFET pH sensor that offers accurate and reliable pH measurement for demanding applications.

The ConeFET pH probe is a general purpose probe with a conical tip designed to be used for a wide range of pH sensing applications. For example, the ConeFET can be used in the laboratory for sampling of liquids, with a wide range of viscosities, in a flask or beaker. It is also well suited for use in the field or in industry. Applications for which Sentron’s customers use ConeFET probes include laboratory testing, environmental water quality monitoring, food quality monitoring and monitoring of pH in pharmaceutical / nutritional processes.

ISFET = glass-free
The ConeFET probe contains Sentron’s non-glass ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) pH sensor. This sensing component is Sentron’s proprietary design and has been improved continuously over the past 15 years. In contrast to conventional glass pH electrodes, ISFET pH sensors are robust and do not require wet storage. This makes them well suited for many environmental, food and pharmaceutical applications. Even in areas like education or in laboratories, where glass pH electrodes can be used, ISFET pH measurement technology offers a much more durable and reliable solution.

Fast response time
ISFET pH sensors are fast because they measure directly at the surface. Sentron’s SI series probes can give stable readings in under 5 seconds for almost all samples.

Extremely robust
Sentron probes are built from high quality ABS, PVC and PEEK materials. They are resistant to many aggressive solutions and can withstand rugged use. At the same time, they are light weight and easy to handle. 
The probes have a polymer body snap-on type connector. Unlike DIN and bayonet type connectors, there are no moving parts nor screw thread that can be damaged. The position of the ISFET and reference electrode has been designed to be clog and pollution resistant. In the event debris has accumulated on the sensor it can be easily cleaned with water and a brush. Sentron probes are provided with protection against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ensuring measurements continue even in harsher electrostatic environments.

Easy handling
The ergonomic design makes the probe easy to hold. Its reduced weight and soft flexible cable allow it to be used in long flasks and/or low beakers without tipping the container.

Comprehensive probe line
The ConeFET is part of a comprehensive probe line that meets a broad range of pH measurement needs.