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LCTech FREESTYLE robotic system

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26 October 2016
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Complete automation in mycotoxin analysis: significant cost reduction

The basis for automation is the new FREESTYLE robotic system

FREESTYLE is not only a way of life, but also stands for flexibility, spontaneity and adaptability. Technically, the FREESTYLE system is a tested XYZ-robot that can be adapted to the growing or changing requirements within laboratory routines by choosing the appropriate module. 

Spontaneous, flexible, unique

The underlying technology of the FREESTYLE system appears similar to that of the other systems and yet is totally different. FREESTYLE is made unique through its flexible adaptation to particular laboratory requirements at any one time. The user decides how to design components, for example, the FREESTYLE “platform”. A spontaneous change of application is possible at any time and is selected via the software: e.g. the use of different sample containers or activation of dfferent modules– even within a sequence. 

Configuration for high-throughput automation

The FREESTYLE system is combined with an SPE module and a ThermELUTE module. In this configuration, the convenient SMART immunoaffinity columns are processed fully automatically in a very short period of time. The sample is directly eluted into an HPLC sample loop. Losses through evaporation or adsorption effects (e.g. with aflatoxins) are thereby avoided.